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Aug. 27th, 2007



A few quick notes:

Some quick comm-business things I forgot to mention before: Feel free to post logs, fanfics, fanart, "private entries," etc.-- anything connected to the RP--on the comm itself if you feel so inspired. You can also post here with hiatus announcements, or if you decide to give up your character at some point in the future.

Second, this is meant to a pretty low-pressure RP, but if you signed up for a character, please do something with him within the next couple of days if you haven't already. :P Some of these guys were sought after by more than one person, and it seems a bit unfair to those who lost out if those who won the role don't ever do anything with it. :P

Just a gentle reminder. ^_~

Thanks to everyone who's joined; I hope you're having fun. :D

Aug. 23rd, 2007



Tenimyu Blogging Service: Open!

Copy/pasted from the userinfo, because laziness prevents me from rewording it for the sake of this post:

Most of our beloved Tenimyu boys have blogs of their own, but their busy lives keep them from posting as much as they could, or stopping by the blogs of their myu pals to say "Hi" or "You know, I've always loved you~*~*~*~"

Enter "Tenimyu Blogging Service," a blogging group created for the sole purpose of giving myu boys a place to post their thoughts, interact with each other, and keep up with each other's lives despite their crazy, busy schedules.

How To Play: First, join the comm. :P Then comment to this post with who you'd like to play and the livejournal username you'll be using as his blog. (If you'd like your Actual Identity to remain a secret, you can feel free to comment using the RP blog itself.) Your username will then be added to the Grand Myuboy Blog List, at which point you're good to go. Start posting entries, friending the other myuboys, and interacting with your long-lost Tenimyu pals.

This is an RP, and a Tenimyu RP at that, so all manner of crack is welcome--just keep your guy in character (for example, Kime should not suddenly decide to grow a beard and become a lumberjack), respect the other players, and have fun. ^_^

If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems, feel free to contact me at tjhutchinson04 at yahoo.com, or else just leave your question/whatever in a comment to this post. (^^b

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